Why I am Rethinking how I use Herbs and Essential Oils

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Something came up recently, that has me reevaluating and rethinking a lot of things, but specifically my stance on essential oils and herbal remedies.

A little background info. I’ve had a lot of problems with the medical community over the years. I lost all trust and faith that they were actually beneficial at all. I have avoided going to the doctor for about 4 years straight. Just the thought of going terrified me and set me into a panic attack.

I had been studying essential oils and had seen a lot of benefit in pain relief and other applications. My thinking was that I could use essential oils to handle any medical issue that came up. I planned to never have to see another doctor again.

Patch of Texas Star Flowers
Texas Star Flowers

Never say never.

Several months ago I started having tremendous pain in my left side. My remedies were doing nothing to ease the pain. After several days of this constant pain, I relented and had my husband take me to the emergency room.

I had a very large kidney stone. They gave me a bunch of medications and sent me home with instructions to make an appointment with a urologist.

We were weeks away from closing on our property. I said I would make an appointment after we moved. Since the pain was gone, I promptly (purposefully) forgot all about it.

We closed on our house and got moved in. I started learning about herbalism and was even more determined to never again go to the doctor.

Queen Annes Lace?

I Did it Again

Two months later, I was in a new emergency room. Yep, kidney stone. The information they gave me this time, led me to believe that it was a new stone.

In my arrogance, I determined to treat it with herbal remedies. I researched and began taking an herbal tea several times a day. I cut my coffee down to two cups a day, and started drinking a lot more water.

One month later, while on a mini vacation with my family, the pain came back. I suffered through it, stubbornly refusing to cut my trip short. We got home on Sunday. Monday, I was back at the emergency room.

Yellow Flower Pic

I Got There Just in Time

This time they admitted me. I found out that it actually was the original kidney stone. It had moved down and stopped things up. The next morning, they surgically inserted a tube around the stone to allow my extremely infected kidney to drain.

They told my husband that if I had waited even two more days, there would have been nothing they could do, and I wouldn’t have survived. (He kept this to himself until I got home. At which point he promptly (and correctly) chewed me out.)

I’m at home now, but still very sick and very weak. Just sitting here typing is exhausting. I have another procedure scheduled for next week, and will have at least one more procedure before this is over.

My flower garden

Where Do I Go From Here

I considered just throwing out all my essential oils and herbs. My husband convinced me not to. They do work for some things. Obviously, they do not completely replace medical care.

I’m not quite sure where I will take my essential oils and herbs from here. I am honestly a little afraid to use them. For now, I think going back to using them for bath bombs, lotions, etc… while I ponder how they work into my overall health and wellness. I will continue to recuperate and enjoy the view from my bedroom window.

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  • Wow, Nicole! What a lesson to have learned! As an herbalist, I make all of my own medicines for our use at home. I have managed to get high blood pressure under control, too. BUT, there are absolutely some things that we MUST go see someone in the medical community for. Having had a kidney stone many, many years ago myself, and having been through the doctor/medical mishmash, I am still grateful they were able to give me information so I could make some decisions of my own. I actually stopped eating high-oxalate vegetables and herbs (like spinach) which I feel is where my kidney stone originated. You’re right about never saying never. But I hope you’ll continue your herbal journey in places you’re comfortable. Replacing simple OTC meds with healing herbs, and like you said—body care products, where you’ll get rid of the toxins you are putting on your body. Much love to you, and prayers for a speedy recovery. And I’m so very glad you went in when you did. I don’t have a high pain tolerance level, and I have to admit, I probably would have gone much earlier. lol . There are times when the two (natural and allopathic) should absolutely work together and complement each other.

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