What do you think of our first herb garden?

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We have this great little garden in the front. From the first time I saw it I thought “herb garden”. By the time we closed and got moved in it was wildly overgrown.

Oh my!

 While I have studied essential oils for several years, herbalism and gardening are both new to me. This little garden was overwhelming and terrifying. What if I mistakenly weeded a valuable or helpful plant? The only plant I recognized was the mint.

I began trying to identify everything. I used apps, did online research, and looked in books. With all that I wasn’t able to positively identify anything but the mint


I finally determined my best bet was to just pull everything except the mint and basically start from scratch. Being a newbie herbalist, I decided to plant herbs I was familiar with. Either from cooking, or my essential oil studies.

When I finally got the chance to get out and start pulling everything, I noticed a couple of the plants were starting to bloom. I couldn’t make myself pull them up.

I decided on 7 herbs as a good starting number. The is plenty of mint. I know I can get bee balm, lavender, and rosemary from my mom. That leaves me with 3 more to choose. I decided on basil, oregano, and sage. Time to hit the store.

Oh my gosh! They had so many wonderful herbs and plants. Everything smelled amazing. I spent about an hour wandering through just looking. Fruit trees, berry bushes,and every vegetable you can think of.

I bought the sage, basil, and oregano that I had originally planned. Cilantro, thyme, and an asparagus fern got in my basket too. (The fern looks so light and feathery I just couldn’t resist.)


We had to wait several day before we could plant. My three year old helper was so proud of his work. He moved the dirt around with his toy diggers. He also dug about 20 holes for me to plant my 6 herbs.

I left room at the front for the herbs I’ll get from my mom. All in all I think our first herb garden turned out pretty good. Especially for a newby gardener with a 3yr old assistant. I hope everything will thrive. If not, we had fun and spent special time together. That’s worth a thousand herb gardens.

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