What is the History of Dandelions?

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In my herbal class/group we are studying the beleaguered dandelion. The yellow flowers that turn to white puffballs children love to make wishes on as they blow. Considered a weed by most, it is actually an extremely beneficial plant. The history of dandelions is quite interesting.

The latin name for dandelion is Taraxacum officinale. It translates to official healing herb for disorders. (Taraxos meaning “disorder”, and officinale meaning “official”.) Sounds like something everyone would want. So, how did the dandelion go from healing herb to weed?

history of the dandelion a wish

From Herb to Weed

The history of dandelions goes back thousands of years. The transfer from healing herb to weed, only started a few hundred years ago. Before colonists came to America, the dandelion was commonly used as a source of food and medicine. As landowners looked for ways to show off their wealth, they began to create beautiful gardens and lawns. Dandelions were weeded out, so to prove the owner was so wealthy they had no need to grow their own food or medicine.

When colonists came to America, they too used dandelions for food and medicine. As some began to grow wealthy, they adopted the views of their european counterparts. Dandelions were for the poor and undesirable by those of wealth.

Reversal of Fate

During the great depression many turned back to dandelions for healing and to fend off starvation. Later, as people began to recover their wealth, the lowly dandelion was again shunned. Those of means, could buy food and medicines and didn’t need to grow their own.

With the advent of WWII, everyone was urged to grow their own food. They called these victory gardens. For a short time, dandelions were once again desirable.

After the war, the economy started to ramp up. Many middle class women joined the workforce for extra money. (Side note: Poor women have always worked to help provide for themselves and their families.) As wealth increased, the dandelion got weeded out.

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Final interesting note. The dandelion is the official flower of the military child. Wherever the wind blows, they land and thrive.

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